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As we wrap up on digital art and move on to gaming-based discussion (never thought I’d be saying that in an academic setting), I find myself just thinking about digital art as a whole and its impact feels a lot more substantial than even I give it credit for. We’re covering gaming next in class, and even video games itself is a form of digital art….depending on who you ask. But in the meantime, I was thinking out loud about my involvement in it during the last few weeks, and its place in my overall life by proxy.

I consider the involvement I have with digital art on the closest level, which is how much personal enjoyment I get out of it. Internet is everywhere in the current age, but of course, how it’s used depends on who is using it.

Even though I haven’t given it too much extended thought prior to taking this class, digital art has influenced a major part of my life, in an indirect sense. I watched a lot of flash animation growing up, complete with amateur voice acting, and now I’m interested in doing Voiceover full time, supported by some actual experience even. Memes are so memorable to me now that I could watch extended compilations of them without much effort, although I do now realize how much effort some of them take, and others….not so much.

But overall, the amount of effort people have been placing into their digital art is almost staggering at times. There is a distinct set of communities for different types of art, from Fanfiction.net to the more straightforward DeviantArt, and having taken an entire on e-literature, I can still say that I haven’t cracked the surface on that aspect alone just yet.

And there, is where I think digital art’s strongest suit shows itself; the amount of versatility and diversity it has. You can’t spell heart without art, and just about every project on the internet, big and small, has a certain amount of heart present in it, which in turn sparks people to do new things and create new challenges both to themselves and to the public. We’re only a few years into a century defined partially by technology, and assuming sentient computers don’t end up ruining that, I’m excited to see what will come next in digital art.


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