You know what was really swell as all hell back in the day? When watching the Harry Potter movies and seeing the moving photos in the foreground. That seemed like something only possible through magic at the time…..and CGI. Turns out, those types of pictures aren’t just fantasy…..they were probably just GIFs.


I made a variant of this a while back. Still as shibe as ever.

I find GIFs quite interesting for several reasons, but the primary one is just how ingrained they have become within internet culture for the last few years, primarily with memes. They’re the go-to for reactions, and just anything too short for YouTube but interesting enough to share.

And the pronunciation is “jyff”, this is not up for discussion.

With GIFs being easier than ever to create, I feel that most people have slightly higher standards for them now than they did in the past. Specifically, I feel that it’s important for GIFs to first and foremost, have such a smooth loop that I can’t even tell where it begins or ends. Of course, this depends on the GIF in question, but I know it when I see it. I think.

*fireplace crackling sounds*

I don’t often use GIFs in my texts or even instant messages (in particular because I feel that it’s something that some devices have a hard time handling, iPhones didn’t get native support until iOS 10 I believe!), but I know some people that do, and I can tell why they use it so often. They’re often non-confrontational (even if a picture says 1000 words, I think a gif tells a really good sentence), they can show that someone is in a playful or pleasant mood, and they can sometimes be a bit more of an enhancement than just a standard “ok” or “cool”. These aren’t always the typical usage of course, but overall I feel GIFs inspire creativity and humor in a community where people are absolutely shameless with their urge to copy off of others.

That’s all I have to say for now! It’s unfortunate that fate had conspired to sabotage class last week, but I’m glad it was on a subject that almost everyone there had a good experience with….even if it isn’t as magical as once thought.


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