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I never thought in all of my years of schooling, that I would be able to say the following words.

I’m doing a writing assignment on dank memes.


Sure, that may be limited to our class time and this blog post, but it’s quite insightful to see just how far the internet, and the memes that came with it, have come in recent years.

Perhaps the most compelling thing about a meme is the timing. They’re partially defined by the times, and that’s why there’s typically a meme or two of the month that the internet decides on. Last month it was Ugandan Knuckles and (unfortunately) Tide Pods. Who knows what it could be this month?

And to an extent, this month’s meme has already been decided. Like most memes, it’s defined by the hobbies and interests of the internet community, as well as current events. Justin Timberlake taking a selfie with a hapless fan was a current event with some potential behind it, so it made sense due to the time and place. And that’s what most memes are: times and places.


But on an even greater scale, memes define the generation who creates them. It’s an insight onto what’s funny now, or even what wasn’t that funny in the past that’s meme-worthy now. Some like the Tide Pods are unfortunately a byproduct of what happens when a meme gets carried away and some people don’t get the joke, but overall what makes a meme so compelling is the different backgrounds that just about every one of them had.

If only they knew how funny this would be to everyone, 79 years later.

Memes come and go, but for the glorious period of time when they’re at their peak, they’re memorable for a reason. They became viral over potentially countless other ones and they’re sometimes our ticket to discovering each other, after all I find some memes hilarious that some people can’t stand whatsoever, and vice-versa. But perhaps most importantly, they’re funny, and with good reason. People are humorous by nature and like to be humored. The world typically doesn’t offer that much pure hilarity by nature, unfortunately. But that might just be my nihilism talking. I’d much rather talk about JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures, where one of my favorite memes come from. In short, the story of JoJo is about……

*cue Roundabout*

One thought on “On Dank Memes

  1. Your meme work is superb, I like your finesse with the messages. And I am expecting much of your voice acting chops when we start doing audio (and studying game play) in March.

    This is some excellent thinking on the organic nature of memes; and while we can pinpoint early occurrences, it seems a lot to speculate why one takes off and many more do not.

    And that is a sharp observation about the time-relevant and “eventness” of things like not only Justin Timberlake kid. In the “old days” we relied on institutions, publications, managed media to tell us what was important culturally, now it is so flipped (think of all those shows where hosts are reading tweets).


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