On New Media Art

I often think back at when I realize that I wanted to become a voice actor, and I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly what time did I realize that. And while it’s not conclusive, I believe my earliest experience with voice acting came in the form of watching flash animation on Newgrounds. I suppose at the time, I simply wasn’t grasping the idea that you didn’t have to be a big studio at Nickelodeon in order to create animation. I wasn’t even sure what to properly classified as, other than the flash animation. But now I realize, I was getting my first taste of what would later become known as new media art.

Twitter photo safari in class last Tuesday was a nice break from the expected, something that I feel I might remember if the lectures ever escape my memory. It was during this time but I realize that some of the most perfect pictures that I had taken during the photo safari, the spilled pile of blocks for instance, probably were more commonplace than I thought, but I only noticed it as I did because I was actively looking for them. How much more of my potential Twitter safari photos have eluded me in the past week, even? I’m not going to lose sleep over it, but this exercise certainly woken up my inner photographer once again.

But even my own resurgence into new media art is nothing quite like experiencing those of relics past, and doing impromptu research into older media sites felt like a lesson in archeology. While we couldn’t confirm the presence of our site (Electronic Disturbance Theater, which is coincidentally the name of my band) in the present day, the 1998 archive was a relic of prime World Wide Web in the 90s, complete with borderline clip art and multicolored backgrounds. It was a blast from the past in almost every way, and I looked at the design language of modern websites a bit closer in the following days.

The biggest takeaway from this week? I think I’ll be heading back to Newgrounds after all. People have had more time to get good at animation now more so than ever, and apparently there’s still a thriving voice acting community around that might give me the exposure I need to realize my range and types of voices I can really do. New Media Art feels like a bit of an oxymoron by nature, especially when you consider that there is examples of it almost as old as me, so I don’t know, maybe it’s just plain old Media Art for me? But no matter what way I look at it, it’s been a part of my technological lifestyle for quite some time now, and I find it fascinating that it still continues to evolve and grow in ways that were different even a decade ago. I’m sure the next ten years will bring even more forms of new media to light.


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